Beyond The Beacon

26: Witness for life with Br. Joachim Joseph, C.F.R., and Solanyi Rodriguez

September 28, 2023 Diocese Of Paterson Season 1 Episode 26
Beyond The Beacon
26: Witness for life with Br. Joachim Joseph, C.F.R., and Solanyi Rodriguez
Show Notes

Join Bishop Kevin Sweeney and Communications Director Jai Agnish for episode 26 of Beyond The Beacon, a podcast of the Diocese of Paterson, N.J. They welcome Brother Joachim Joseph and Solanyi Rodriguez to discuss their efforts to promote a culture of respect for the dignity and value of every human life. Rodriguez is a pro-life sidewalk counselor who works in our Respect Life Office. She has counseled numerous moms who have decided against aborting their babies. Brother J.J. is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal who lives at a friary in Paterson. Brother J.J. and his fellow friars pray outside abortion clinics and support single moms with baby supplies.

Bishop Kevin shares a special announcement that beginning in October, he will celebrate a monthly Mass, followed by a peaceful, prayerful procession to a place where abortions are performed or promoted. All are invited to join him in solidarity in this peaceful public witness for life.
Also, near the end of this episode, Bishop Kevin answers some fun questions from sixth graders who attend Assumption School in Morristown.
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October Mass & Procession For Life: 10/7/23 at 8 a.m. at St. Margaret of Scotland Church in Morristown. Contact the Respect Life Office for more here.

Read Bishop Kevin's Beacon column about how he decided on a monthly Mass and Procession here. It's entitled "A Peaceful, Prayerful, Public Witness for Life."

You can learn more and register for the Oct. 28 Respect Life Convocation here.

Donate to the Diocesan Ministries Appeal here.

Produced by Jai Agnish and Bishop Kevin Sweeney for the Diocese of Paterson.
Engineered and edited by Jai Agnish.
Illustrations by Dennis Dalelio.
Music by Jai Agnish.


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