Beyond The Beacon

18: Bishop Sweeney calls in from Lisbon, Portugal during World Youth Day 2023

August 03, 2023 Diocese Of Paterson Season 1 Episode 18
Beyond The Beacon
18: Bishop Sweeney calls in from Lisbon, Portugal during World Youth Day 2023
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Join Bishop Kevin Sweeney and Communications Director Jai Agnish for episode 18 of Beyond The Beacon, a podcast of the Diocese of Paterson, N.J.  Bishop Sweeney calls in from Lisbon, Portugal, where he is participating in World Youth Day 2023 with a group of young people and chaperones, seminarians, and priests, representing the Diocese of Paterson. Upon arriving in Portugal, the pilgrims from the Diocese of Paterson visited Santarém, Portugal, the site of a Eucharistic Miracle from the 13th century. They then went to Fátima, Portugal, known for the Marian apparitions reported in 1917 by three shepherd children. They are currently participating in the various multi-day activities of World Youth Day. In the episode, Bishop Sweeney shares updates and insight into the pilgrimage, including what it was like to participate in and present at two catechetical Rise Up Encounters. Follow the bishop on his Instagram account for daily updates from Portugal, or follow the Diocese of Paterson's Facebook account. Be sure to like this episode, subscribe, and tune in next time! Thanks for listening! Email questions for Bishop Sweeney to 

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Produced by Jai Agnish and Bishop Kevin Sweeney for the Diocese of Paterson. 
Engineered and edited by Jai Agnish. 
Illustrations by Dennis Dalelio.
Music by Jai Agnish.

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